At Bellarine Foot and Ankle Clinic based in Leopold, Portarlington and Colac we specialise in the management and assessment of the feet of people with diabetes. Whether you have been newly diagnosed or someone with long standing diabetes we are here for you. We will thoroughly assess the health of your feet which will conclude with a comprehensive written report sent to your GP as part of our inclusive integrated care approach. 

Your Diabetes Assessment will involve:

  • Discussion: lifestyle factors that may poorly affect your diabetes control.
  • Medication: we’ll have a look at your medications tell you how they work and what your GP led blood testing is all about. 
  • Doppler ultrasound: to assess the health of your foot arteries.
  • Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI): determine whether peripheral vascular disease is of concern.
  • Neurological study: to assess for peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation).
  • Biomechanical exam: check for high pressure or friction areas under the foot.
  • Footwear assessment: advise the appropriate shoes for your condition and foot shape.
  • Education: the long-term side effects of the lower limb relevant to your diabetes.
  • Link to dietician or exercise specialists: if your diet or exercise levels need some attention.

We believe that knowledge leads to control. Education is therefore a prominent aspect of our diabetes testing.

You’ll leave with a much better understanding of the role that your feet play in living with diabetes. 

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